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Fashion Revolution

“Fast Fashion is like fast food… After the sugar rush it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth” – Livia Firth

Calling all revolutionaries! Viva la revolucion!

Fashion Revolution Week is a movement that takes place each April where we gather and ask : #whomademyclothes?  April 24 is the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, where 1,138 people were killed and many more injured in 2013.
We use this week to encourage millions of people to ask brands ‘Who made my clothes’ and demand greater transparency in the fashion supply chain.Fashion Revolution is a global movement calling for greater transparency, sustainability and ethics in the fashion industry.
We want to unite the fashion industry and help continue to ignite a revolution to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased, so that what the world wears has been made in a safe, clean and fair way.
Much of the global fashion industry is opaque, exploitative and environmentally damaging and desperately needs revolutionary change. We love fashion, but we don’t want our clothes to come at the cost of people or our planet.
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