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We are Gina Marie® & GrasMark

At the House of Gina Marie…
At the House of Gina Marie we embody an ethos- one of taking flight to fearless exploration, of maintaining an anchor to sustainability, of community building, of heart. You’ll discover Gina Marie’s tailored women’s apparel & accessories that harken the lady-like aesthetics of Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn and Jackie O. For a life lived to its fullest, with style of course. Like these spirited personalities, we value perseverance, independence, culture, and fortitude. Gina Marie is committed to the responsible design of dresses and separates to be unequivocally yours.

When Nordic-meets-North : GrasMark, menswear.
How to live like a GrasMark gentleman – travel, cultivate your close relationships, listen to live music and drive a red Jaguar XKE.  
How to dress like a GrasMark gentleman :
Easy-going floral street style, tailored sportcoats, custom leather shoes, aviator shades, and your favorite watch.  The brand, named after a city in the hills and woods Northwest of Stockholm, has strong roots in heritage, is anchored in socially responsible business practices and holds instinctual values of global environmental sustainability.

Gina Marie® is a privately held family business founded and registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office in Minneapolis, Minnesota by Gina Moorhead.  Moorhead is owner and creative director at the House of Gina Marie. Born and raised in Minnesota, Moorhead was educated in Seattle and London under designers for Vivienne Westwood, Abercrombie and Fitch, Union Bay and Vogue Patterns.  Moorhead lived in Seattle and worked in theatre costuming, independent fashion show production and for Nordstrom prior to founding Gina Marie.

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Gina Moorhead honed that trait peculiar to folks born of extreme weather conditions, fog and rain to commit themselves, to push forward and see their passions realized.  Those in her world know her by her smile, infectious liveliness, passion and drive that translates to her work.  Gina Marie designs reflect her spirit- modern, beautiful, independent, bright and Nordic- a mirror of the life she lives.

Gina Marie Moorhead About

Magnetic Marina.  A young designer who’s heart is based in London, yet hails from the Midwest is described as creating refined women’s wear – 1915 Chanel inspired Deauville seaside colors in tailored jumpsuits and clean separates and dresses… and she is gracefully emerging into the Twin Cities fashion scene with her soft and structurally European aesthetic.  Introducing the ever-so-polished, Marina Qualey.

        She’s Instagram-ready, looking so pretty carrying home a bouquet of pink and white peonies to her historic Grand Ave apartment.  She’s dressed in linen and wearing her corporate-casual two strap slide sandals.  Qualey designs for the modern professional; poised in their getups of drop shoulder jersey knits, black shift dresses, and wide leg culottes.

        Marina acknowledges that her aesthetic is simple chic, with effervescent elegance.  She is a radically lovely young woman who is not only internationally-bound but is deeply rooted in literature, such as Hemingway.  She is particular to grammar as she is to well tailor-made goods. The impact of easily available cheap fast fashion on the way she dresses for every day is far less important than being able to distinguish “who made my clothes” in conjunction with the “fashion revolution.”

        Marina is a part of the seismic shift in fashion designers who are designing gender neutral lines for both men and women.  She is helping reinvent the wheel for florals, fairness, and equality.