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Fashion Revolution

“Fast Fashion is like fast food… After the sugar rush it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth” – Livia Firth Calling all revolutionaries! Viva la revolucion! Fashion Revolution Week is a movement that takes place each April where we gather and ask : #whomademyclothes?  April 24 is the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, where 1,138 people were …

Bike rides, and more – in Vietnam

By Gina Moorhead March marked the four year anniversary of my first trip to Vietnam. First trip to Asia.  First attempt at working with tailors to create our samples and production runs – and I’ve been back every year.   Vietnam is a mystery to most, certainly to most people from the States. It’s known for the Vietnam War, and …

Tailors : Trang

I hope the best come to you -Trang She is one of our most valuable tailors.  Her cotton and cashmere blends create some of our best fits and most popular trousers.   Trang is a one-of-a-kind woman: happy-go-lucky, giggly, and always fashion forward. She has a feminine style to match her girly personality and never fails to put together the …

Tailors: Thuy

Thuy is one of our amazing tailors who is located in Vietnam. She is wife, a mother, a friend and a business owner. When walking into her shop I am able to see all these amazing swatches of linen and fabrics that are able to create an amazing inspiration towards our work.

Tailors: Vyvy

What does Vyvy like to do when she’s not working? “Shopping for my daughters and husband – I love shoes and pants!” -Vyvy   VyVy starts her day at five a.m. accompanied by her partner in crime and one of her two daughters, Nhi, with a trip to swim at the popular local beach. After a refreshing swim they make their …

Tailors: Huyen

When did Huyen open up shop? Huyen worked for her uncle for ten years starting when she was nineteen.  She got the entrepreneurial bug, and opened her own shop four years ago. She never has really wanted a huge business, instead she likes her business that size that it is now or in other words a “small giant”. Gold star …

House of Gina Marie + Vietnam Collection: The Origin Story

House of Gina Marie | Vietnam Collection: The Origin Story. Written by, Megan Harrod What we’re wearing | Megan, left, + Gina, right, What started as a shared daydream between two free-spirited fashion and travel lovers over some grub on a sunny summer afternoon at Chipotle turned into the House of Gina Marie 2015 Spring/Summer Vietnam Collection, which was unveiled …