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Being honest


First, there was coffee.  Cafe Fresh Flours on Ballard Ave during the Sunday Market is where our story begins.  Our founder, Gina Moorhead, started a tab in the early hours with her buddy barista Jerimiah.  A gentleman walks in with a noticeably cool tumbler, seemingly to have been thrown like pottery. Moorhead gets in line for a refill and a compliment and conversation ensues.  His name is Darby, he’s an artist, as is Moorhead.  The conversation grows to the extent where wishes and hopes and goals are exchanged as fellow small business owners. Moorhead wanted to a way to find artisan tailors, Vietnam was brought up, and one year later she was on her way to the airport for her first flight to Asia.  Moral of the story: “Ask and ye shall receive.”  

14 Jul
What does Vyvy like to do when she’s not working? “Shopping for my daughters and husband – I love shoes and..
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30 Jun
When did Huyen open up shop? Huyen worked for her uncle for ten years starting when she was nineteen.  She..
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