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Tailors: Thuy

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Thuy is a balanced bonafide She-E-O, wife, mother, and friend: We take notes. Her sun salutation start at six am in the 80-degree Vietnamese weather with a cleansing shower. She then sits down by her big buddha shrine for an hour – at least an hour – for a long meditation, prayer and yoga session. She is centered, even-keeled, and loving life. Next up, she hops on her motorbike and meets her bestie – each morning – for breakfast and coffee.
Office #werkwerkwerkwerkwerk : Her shop is near downtown – a short 10 minute ride from her home full of constantly blooming orchids.  Its bright, quiet, comfortable and inspiring. The samples lining the walls are our eye candy and the way her swatches are arranged to make us want one of each in every color.  All the fabric that Thuy uses is local and retrieves her fabric from the local fabric market daily. When Thuy is busy, her amazing husband- assistant will go to the fabric market for her. She’s always re-arranging and breathing in new life to her space.  Thuy manages her clients’ orders and arranges the proper tailor for each job #likeaboss. The volume she can handle for her global customer base is mind-boggling.  Thuy invites us to the shop each day while we’re in Vietnam, usually around six pm.  Sometimes we’re lucky enough to get her out for dinner with us – and when we do, it’s always under ambient lit palm trees at the beach.

Post dinner evening? “Netflix” and relax – her fav: Indian films.

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