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Tailors: Vyvy

What does Vyvy like to do when she’s not working?
“Shopping for my daughters and husband – I love shoes and pants!”



VyVy starts her day at five a.m. accompanied by her partner in crime and one of her two daughters, Nhi, with a trip to swim at the popular local beach. After a refreshing swim they make their way home and get ready to start their day at her famous shop. Her shop is fabulous, as is she, with the latest samples on mannequins at the entry and the interior walls stacked high of her inventory of colorful fabrics. Serving clients from all over the world, VyVy manages to understand what every single person needs and wants independently from each other. VyVy is professional, experienced and knows how to have a good time. She works hard, cracks jokes, and shows her motherly side by making sure you know just how loved you are. Her husband, aka Superman (as he is a man that does just about everything), is always around watching their children, helping VyVy in her shop or snagging up some delicious Bahn Mi sandwiches for us while we work.

VyVy is always ready to take on our next design and isn’t afraid to brainstorm with you on the best way to create a complex piece. VyVy is nothing short of superwomen tackling a busy business, caring for her family and finding some time to grab a coffee.