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The Castle

We’ve settled into a pretty rad workplace in Stockholm, Sweden for our year of residency – alongside 300 incredible illustrators, designers, creatives, entrepreneurs, coders, and visionaries.  We call it “The Castle.” We love the 15-minute meditation at noon and afternoon “Fika.” The Swedish work-style is something we’ll certainly bring home to the US.  Until then, know that we’re emailing you in the “Old Town” called Gamla Stan, housed in an artist-driven 5 story workplace across the street from the palace and the setting is pretty visually striking and dreamy. Peep @Lernmark.illustration on Instagram, one of our work buddies here at The Castle and the creator of that beautiful image of our building. Lernmark

Onward with some more eyeball-treasures, we’d like to share some photos from our newest stomping grounds.