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Work Hard Play Hard

Hello, from the interns at House of Gina Marie…

Here in Vietnam, we have been learning a lot about the balance of work and play. The people here have mastered the art of this balance, as they are constantly working all hours of the day. However, they still manage to fit in a bike ride to the beach with us to catch the sunrise or meet up for a yummy seafood dinner complete with squid and frog legs. Besides having an amazing time with the tailors, we manage to enjoy the nature of Vietnam as well.

Today, we went to Cham Island off of UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hoi An. At this point in our “work holiday,” a day at the beach was much needed. Snorkeling, parasailing, and lying in the sun was perfect therapy for a busy work week.

The packing list :

  • Mikaela packed her SunBum sun block, a couple of fruit strips, and her Mahari Birks.
  • Marina brought her cat-eye sunnies, her high-waisted bikini, and her straw hat.
  • In Sydney’s bag were three bottles of water and a book.
  • Boss lady Gina carried some pocket change for souvenirs, her Sunshine circle towel, and rainbow thongs. 😉

With a great group of women, a beautiful Vietnamese island, and an old man gifting Marina a raw squid in a bag, how could we not enjoy our “work holiday?”

Until next week…

– The Interns