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Art-a-Whirl at Flourish | True Ethic

Art-A-Whirl + Flourish Arts and Gifts | True Ethic

Well, Art-A-Whirl was a crazy, amazing weekend. Flourish | True Ethic had a great few days and a ton of foot traffic. But, guess what? They are still going strong, and they are developing their roots in Northrup King Building. Flourish Arts and Gifts will be open Saturdays from 12-4, as well as the first Thursday of each month from 5-9 for the Open Studio Pop-Up! You can still snag your Hardt Jewelry, Neu Design furniture, Smoothhills Weaving, and of course, House of Gina Marie clothing and our one of a kind South African cotton shway shway + leather bags.

Laura Bergren’s digs is a great spot to get local designers’ and artists’ work, produced all by socially responsible companies across the states. If you want to make sure what you are buying is helping people somewhere in the world, this is a good spot for you. Go visit when you have some free time!

I’ve always been thrilled by the idea of empowering others through my work. Whether creating a painting inspired by an artisan in Africa or collaborating with another artist to raise awareness on important social issues, I’m fueled by the reality that every choice we make has the power to impact the world for better or for worse. When you purchase from Flourish, someone else’s life will become more vibrant, and so will yours!” -Owner, Laura Bergren

The history of the Shway Shway fabric we used for our one of a kind leather totes from South Africa extends all the way back to approximately 2400BC. But, in modern society, they still are traced back to the 1600’s in the Cape of Good Hope. In the 18th century, a German chemist developed a synthetic indigo, and the style was now able to be printed easily all over the world.

Flourish Art and Gifts in the Northrup King Building
1500 Jackson St NE, Minneapolis, MN 55413, United States
Located upstairs and the hallway to the right all the way at the end.
Call Laura if you have any troubles finding her +1 612-207-2968