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GräsMark, Menswear

GräsMark menswear, the origin story.


When GinaMarie was first started, our primary focus was on women. However, soon our GräsMark menswear came about and that flourished as well.


How did it come about? We got inspired. We wanted to offer more and create something new and exciting.  We got inspired by our travels – when we found ourselves in strange new places that we never expected to be. It opened our eyes, we couldn’t help it. Traveling forces a person to see things from a new perspective. We saw matching couples in the Incheon Airport, we loved it.  We saw sporty-meets-sleek-meets-soft. We noted it. We also had a lot of free time to on those long layovers. We had a lot of time to catch up with family, friends, read the magazines and books we put off or “didn’t have time for.” Gina got especially inspired while talking to her father.  He played in a successful band in high school and college and even won a “Battle of the Bands” and got to open for the Monkeys. (Hey hey we’re the Monkeys!) But why is that little nugget of information important? Not only because – IMHO – is a pretty rad dude, but because the reason why he wanted to start to learn Trumpet is that he wanted to be like his band teacher, Mr. Anderson, who drove to work in a red convertible Jaguar XKE and inspired every kid in town to pick up an instrument.  And so it began… Check out what inspires us for GräsMark menswear on our Pinterest board <here>


The name GräsMark came from a nod to Gina’s family heritage. Like many of us from Minnesota, Gina’s family hails from Scandinavia, specifically Norway and Sweden. For those of you who may not know, Gräsmark is the name of small village located northwest of Stockholm. This village is where Gina’s grandfather’s family came from, and she hopes to honor him and his legacy by naming her menswear collection in his honor.  


(And in case you haven’t noticed, the initials are the same ;))