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Tailors: Huyen

When did Huyen open up shop? Huyen worked for her uncle for ten years starting when she was nineteen.  She got the entrepreneurial bug, and opened her own shop four years ago. She never has really wanted a huge business, instead she likes her business that size that it is now or in other words a “small giant”. Gold star : she’s been learning English on the job – just from talking to her customers.  Huyen makes our leather goods.  She has buckets and buckets of leather samples and always knows exactly which one is best for us.  With a keen eye, a tremendous sense of taste and an gentle heart, we trust her with some of our most valuable and coveted pieces.  We also trust her to help us find the best noodle dishes in town, the kind you dream of when you’re away.

What does Huyen do for fun? Spend time with her family.  As an early bird, she rises at 5:30 or 6 to spend time with her daughter, age four, and new baby Rubi, three months.ort of superwomen tackling a busy business, caring for her family and finding some time to grab a coffee.

When my first daughter was born, my father was in another hospital, he was very sick and he died.  My family didn’t tell me for almost two months because they wanted me to focus on my new baby.   

-Huyen, our hero